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Back Pain

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It’s difficult to manage even simple tasks when you have back pain. If you need help overcoming a back injury or wear-and-tear disorder, visit the experienced doctors at SoCal Medical Center in Simi Valley and Van Nuys, California. At SoCal Medical Center, the team use integrative medicine and the least invasive treatments because research proves that most back pain patients don’t need surgery. Call your nearest office today or schedule a consultation online for effective, nonsurgical back pain care.

Back Pain Q&A

Who suffers from back pain?

Back pain can affect anyone — research indicates that around 31 million Americans suffer from back pain. It affects your ability to work and enjoy leisure activities, reduces sleep quality, and limits mobility. Back pain can make routine tasks like driving or sitting at a desk uncomfortable.

Back pain is a common primary care disorder, but it’s not normal, so don’t accept it. Living with back pain affects your entire body, forcing it down an unhealthy path leading to increasingly restricted movement, loss of function, and more pain.

Why do I have back pain?

Back pain is caused by trauma or degeneration in the spine and surrounding tissues. The following are common reasons that patients develop back pain:

  • Disc injuries
  • Sciatica (sciatic nerve compression in the lower back)
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle/ligament injuries
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowed spinal canal)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sports injuries
  • Auto accident injuries

No matter what causes your back pain, an ever-growing number of effective conservative treatments are available. The SoCal Medical Center team never gives up on patients with back pain, even those with untreatable chronic (long-term) pain and disability.

When should I seek help for back pain?

Some people’s acute back pain gets better without treatment after a day or two. This usually happens with muscle strains that don’t require medical attention. But if back pain lasts longer than a few days or is severe and/or disabling, seek SoCal Medical Center’s help as soon as possible.

Your doctor completes a thorough exam using traditional X-ray technology and electrodiagnostic nerve tests to determine the cause of back pain. They might refer you for an MRI if they need more detailed images and then interpret the MRI’s results in their office.

What treatments help with back pain?

Back pain treatment and pain management techniques include:

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic techniques involve hands-on and instrument-assisted spinal manipulation that realigns the spine.

Spinal decompression

Spinal decompression (traction) involves lying on a motorized table that slowly moves your lower body back and forth. The movement releases spinal pressure, increasing space between the discs and vertebrae.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy uses therapeutic exercises, ice, heat, and electrotherapy to reduce pain, improve healing, and increase mobility.

Shockwave therapy

Shock waves are high-energy sound waves. They stimulate new blood vessel formation, improving blood circulation and healing damaged tissues.

Call SoCal Medical Center today or book an appointment online for safe, effective back pain treatment.